Released May 1, 2018

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Short press release

With a melting pot of strong vocals, sax, trumpet, piano, organ, shakers and hand claps this is one folksy, funky, saxy, house jam that will surely get those toes tapping and fingers snapping. Inspired by the success of music from the likes of Kungs & Cookin On 3 Burners and artists like Parov Stelar. This release also features remixes from Kid Kenobi and Modern Citizens.

Extended press release (by Mike from Date Night)

I'm originally from a little town called Adelaide, in South Australia. I moved to California to make some waves and slap hands with people in the music industry here. During a recent trip to SXSW, I heard a fantastic folk band called The Coconut Kids and was going to wait until after their set to approach them. I paid no attention to the banter between songs and continued to order another beer... BUT THEN I heard them say "is anyone here from Adelaide." You have to be kidding me, I moved to the other side of the world and found an amazing band from my hometown. One year later, after numerous rewrites and tweaks, we are ready to share this masterpiece with the world.

Additional release details

Original Mix (uscgj1887290)
Kid Kenobi Remix (uscgj1887291)
Modern Citizens Remix (uscgj1887292)
Extended Mix (uscgj1887293)


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